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ISR Stories


Please take the time to read through some of the inspiring stories below.


Also, if your child has previously gone through ISR Self-Rescue™ swim lessons, we invite you to share your story with us so that we may use it to help educate other parents about survival swimming and aquatic safety.



Leisha Vega was the best! From the beginning she was very communicative, friendly, profesional and patient with Lorena. We could not be happier and grateful with her and with this wonderful program!




Ana Paulette



I cannot say enough good things about our ISR experience with Leslie! My son started with her when he was 2 years old. I truly didn’t think he would grasp it since he is so strong willed. The first days were hard and he did not enjoy it. Leslie was so patient and so calm, never frazzled and assured me he would learn. She assured me his screaming was normal and if in a pool screaming, the child is not drowning. At the end of his lessons my son fully grasped ISR. I was so impressed! At 2 he could swim from one end of the pool to the other using ISR technique. He also loved swimming and was truly a fish. Most importantly, I was confident if he ever fell into a pool he would be safe.


That following winter we were visiting friends in Florida. My son who was 2 1/2 at the time, got too close to the pool and he fell in fully clothed. Before any of us could move to pull him out he had located the stairs and swam to the stairs and got out. It was an instantaneous reaction on his part. He knew exactly what to do and did it!


Leslie’s teaching style is amazing. I highly recommend her. The ISR skills she will teach your kid can save their life. It gives you peace of mind as a parent. It is an investment in your child’s safety.




Paula and Adrian

“That would not happen to me”, “I am always paying attention”, “ I will do it later, I am too busy now” If you ever said this and your children have yet to acquire the skills taught by ISR….you better think again. The reality is that it does happen! In the blink of an eye, your life can change drastically. In 2008 we started redesigning works in our house, which included a new pool. From that moment on my search for mechanical alternatives, pool fences, alarms, and swim lessons began, because at the time Adrian Marco was 3 years old and I was pregnant with Paula Isabel. Months went by, the pool was finished, and Paula was born. A pool fence was in place, and an alarm was fixed to the door that communicates to the pool, a magnet and a key pad to key-in the code. You would think that was too much, but in reality it wasn’t enough. For countless reasons I kept postponing ISR lessons time and time again, relying on the false security provided by the installed equipments, equipments I now realize are just accessories. On January 18, 2010, at 11:13am, my worst nightmare came true. It was a holiday, so while dad was at work, Adrian, Paula, and I stayed at home. I decided to go out to the backyard so that they could play with some blocks. While I turned around to go get a box for the blocks, what I thought was impossible, actually happened. Mi children were able to decipher how to open the fence and Paulita fell in the water. This happened in just seconds. My hero, Adrian, alerted me as to what was happening. What I saw, I don’t wish upon ANYONE. My angel had fallen in the pool. No scream, whine, or splash was heard…NOTHING. Only because of the power and grace of the Lord, Paula Isabel is still today with her family. In that moment I realized there is nothing more important than to empower your children and provide them with the tools to protect their own life. Days later I called Wandy again and enrolled both my children. It is extremely gratifying to be able to compare both images. One, when your child is floating helpless, face-down in the water, with the only hope that someone will see him just in time VS seeing your child in complete control of his surrounding, floating and swimming until reaching a safe edge. Wandy is a tremendous instructor and she makes this a completely rewarding experience for the children and comforting for the parents. PLEASE, do not put this off. It could be too late. Things like this DO happen. Jennifer S.



When I heard that ISR was available in Puerto Rico I was excited. I registered my daughter Adriana immediately. She had about a year and a half and I was pregnant with my second baby. It was a huge commitment and hard work having to take her to classes every day, but we did and finished her classes a bit before my son Dane was born. One afternoon, my husband took Adriana to the beach while I was in the sand with our two month old son. The sun had set and the water was dark and the tide was a bit strong. My husband is a surfer who grew up on the beach. Adriana and he were catching a wave and they broke apart while under water. I was watching from the beach and saw with horror when my husband went out without her! I got up and ran to the shore, carrying Dane, ready to put him on the sand and jump in the water, if necessary. After several seconds, she floated, as she had learned with Wanda! My husband was about five feet back to her and I yelled at him to let him know where she was. I was shaking, but very grateful for the classes and any doubt I had to do it again with Dane was eliminated at that time. Adriana returned to the water five minutes later (because she asked for it), nothing scared of what had happened, because it was something she knew. Now, nine months later, she is in refresher class and Dane will start the course this month! ISR should stand for: "I Strongly Recommend!". Thanks Wanda and ISR!!! Michelle, Ocean Park, Puerto Rico


Mia Karolina

I found out about the ISR program through the newspaper, when it featured an article about a girl that had drowned at the beach and it stated the importance of teaching children how to swim. Immediately, my husband and I decided to call to enroll my daughter Mia Karolyna who was 1 year and 8 months old at the time. For me it was a great sacrifice because I don’t live in the metropolitan area and I had to travel every day from Manatí. But believe me, this sacrifice was worth it because my daughter learned to swim, and with the best method, no doubt. I believe that the method that Wandy uses to teach children is excellent, and above all she treats them in a loving way. Mia Karolyna will always remember that her teacher Wandy taught her how to swim and that she did it SUPER. Keishla, Puerto Rico





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